Fragrance in your garden.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Plant fragrant species to add that `third'  dimension to your garden. These plants and their exquisite perfumes, transform your garden from the ordinary to the sublime

Reliable, easy to grow species are....

- the Michelia's. Try M.`AllSpice', M.figo (also known as Port Wine Magnolia), M. Gracipes, M. `The Oracle', M. ~Velvet and Cream', and M.yunnanensis. They are all evergreen shrubs/small trees, with intensely fragrant, cream flowers in spring. Michelia doltsopa grows to a large tree, and has large, fragrant, cream flowers throughout spring.

-Trachelospermum jasminiodes. A well behaved and very tough, evergreen climber or ground cover, with incredibly fragrant small white flowers in summer. 

- Cordyline (cabbage tree) species, for masses of perfumed flowers in spring, particularly at night.

-Cestrum nocturnum (Queen of the night) is a rather straggly shrub, but has the most unforgettable and exquisite night perfume, that will carry throughout your garden.

For that truely tropical, and unequaled fragrance, plant all the Gardenia varieties (frost free areas only). Gardenia thrive in the Cook Islands, so try and provide similar conditions...morning sun only, plenty of water, and free draining soil.

Frosty areas are better with Daphne varieties, and also Viburnum burkwoodii.

This is a good time to plant freesia bulbs and sow Sweet Pea seeds, for late winter/spring flowers. For those rose have an endless selection of highly fragrant and beautiful varieties. 

To create a garden of memories be sure to plant some fragrant beauties!

  • Fragrance in your garden.
  • Fragrance in your garden.
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