Gardening Tip for Summer

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

With summer and holidays upon us, remember your plants need plenty of water at this time of year. The evapo-transpiration rates from  sun and sea breezes are high, and your plants will require a continual supply of water to cope with this.

Water your plants every evening or morning, unless it rain. If you have an irrigation system,  check that it's in working order. Spiders sometimes cover sprinklers with their webs. A timer on the system insures the plants get watered even if you're away on holiday. Otherwise see if a neighbour or friend can come and turn the irrigation, or hose on, for you. Potted plants especially suffer in summer and will need daily watering. They are often forgotten, poor things!

Have a wonderful summer, and a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

  • Gardening Tip for Summer
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