Thursday, 6 September 2012

2 months ago I was hiking high in the Tyrolean region of Austria, on steep mountainsides, way above 2000metres. The slopes were covered in meadow grasses, and masses of beautiful summer wildflowers. Many of the wildflowers were herbs, or used in natural medicines.

Sheep and cattle grazed freely, all with bells around their necks. The bells helped the farmers find their animals., as there were no fences. Wild chamois darted in and out of the forests.

 It was such an idyllic setting, but only for that brief summer spell, before the wild mountain weather closed in, and the animals were brought down into the valley again.

Being in such beautiful natural surroundings, always gives me such an immediate sense of peacefulness.  There was nothing man made on those slopes. 

Sometimes I think we would all benefit from having a section of our gardens devoted to a wildflower `meadow'. It might only be a couple of square metres, or a scattering amongst the vegetables or roses. It may look untidy and die down in winter, but the joy it brings in spring and summer, is worth the winter dormancy.

It's easy to create a wildflower garden. There are excellent suppliers of wildflower seeds for your region, and the internet is a fast way to find them. Follow the suppliers instructions, and you'll be rewarded with a summer of joy from the profusion of these simple and beautiful flowers. 

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