Summer is coming!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

We're gradually getting some gorgeous warm sunny days, and the garden is drying out! I've had to water my garden for the last month, as the sun and strong winds have stripped the soil moisture. Maybe you have had to as well.

Even though most of us have to pay for the water we use, there's no real alternative at times. It's always good to heavily mulch gardens with grass clippings or bark or straw, as this will prevent the soil drying out so quickly. It also keeps the plants root system cool, which they like!

Some of the ground cover plants are also excellent for creating a mat under the taller plants, that ensures cool root runs; or they can simply cover the soil and create a wonderful effect.

I'm trying species such as Pratia, Thyme, Seleria, Campanula, and Blechnum penna marina as ground cover `mats' in  diferent areas of my garden.

  • Summer is coming!
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