The big `Dry'!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What a fabulous summer we're having, but the downside is that the ground is SO dry. The challenge for all gardeners (and farmers and horticulturists), is to keep plants alive.

You may have to let the lawn brown off. Don't worry, it'll come back again, and areas can be re-sown in autumn.

Generally deep watering is advised .... making sure that the water is delivered to the root zone, and not just the leaf. Let a hose run beside the base of a tree for a few minutes, or longer, if you can. The home sprinklers need to SOAK the ground around a plant. 

If you can, install an irrigation system, that has `in line' drippers, and put a mulch over the garden, or under the trees. Bark, pebbles, straw...all will keep the root zone cool, and help retain the moisture.

  • The big `Dry'!
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