Autumn preparations

Monday, 22 April 2013

The drought has well and truely broken, with near record level rainfalls in Nelson and Tasman districts. The cold temperatures are definitely impacting plant growth rates, the soil is cooling down, and the trees are preparing for a long winter.

This is the time to provide fertiliser for all your trees and shrubs, as they actively uptake nutrients to store over winter, in readiness for a flush of spring growth. 

Give each tree/shrub a good general purpose fertiliser, or one specifically for the species, eg. camellia / rose / citrus fertiliser. They only exception is for plants in the Protea family (which includes the glorious Australian Waratah). Never give these plants ANY fertiliser, or you'll quickly kill them!

Think about copper and winter oil sprays on your pip and stone fruit trees as well. This will deal to fungal diseases, which can be a problem for fruiting trees, in wet winters.

  • Autumn preparations
  • Autumn preparations
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