With extensive plant knowledgeand 25 years experience in landscape design, construction and maintenance,  I work to give you the best service, advice and `value for money'. 

Concept plans and planting plans. 

This involves a full discussion with you, about how you'd like to see your garden evolve. The plans and sketches are drawn, then presented and discussed, and any alterations made. My portfolio contains residential designs, corporate buildings and medical centres, lifestyle blocks and business premises. These range from small courtyard designs to large country estates, and cover many styles.


Many people want to construct their garden by themselves, which I wholeheartedly encourage. However if you feel you'd like some help, then I normally suggest you get at least 3 quotes from different landscaping firms, for the construction of your landscape. I also can recommend tradesmen and landscapers who can build the entire landscape, from the initial earthworks (if necessary), to the `hard landscaping' of irrigation, paving, paths, water features, wood sheds, seating, pergolas, verandahs, gates, decks, lighting, retaining walls, raised gardens, arches and steps, to the `soft landscaping with plants, lawns and trees.

Project management. 

The management of the `construction' of a landscaping project, from earthworks to planting, is a job that I'm often asked to oversee, to a greater or lesser degree.  Time frames for the work depend on the size and complexity of the project, and whether Engineering plans, Building Permits or Resource Consent are required. 

Sourcing plants, sculptures, hard materials, etc. 

I provide only top quality plants for you, and prefer to source locally, and support the excellent local nursery industry. I also source and supply materials for hard landscaping.... natural stone and boulders, paving, timbers, etc, to ensure they perfectly complement your garden style and architecture.

Ongoing maintenance plans and support. 

Once your landscaping has been completed, a maintenance schedule may be required. I can create a maintenance plan specific to your garden, and am always available for ongoing advice. 

The utmost care is taken to fully consult with clients, at all times, and to develop a landscape design that exceeds their expectations.

I liaise and work with architects, engineers and geo-tech engineers to ensure any plans meet all Building Permit and Resource Consent requirements, Urban Design Protocols and complement the site and architectural styles.


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