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Port Nelson, 1998

This project involved a complete redevelopment of a large coastal site.

I produced a detailed landscape plan, complying with the specifications being `only native species, and nothing with variegated leaves’.

Two large water features were included in the design, to greet visitors and workers to the office complex. I needed to work closely with the architects, surveyors and building contractors to complete the project seamlessly and on schedule.

We lifted all the existing large trees worth saving with a 20 tonne digger, and temporarily transplanted and kept them alive until we could re-plant them in the new landscape.

The existing reclaimed land consisted of very poor `soil’, so many truckloads of compost and topsoil were brought in and spread over all the garden areas. This paid huge dividends, as illustrated by the spectacular growth of the plantings.

This landscape won a `commercial’ category award for Nelson landscapes in 1998, and has hosted many public festivals, and staff functions over the years.

13 years later the gardens are mature and stunning. The strong structural design of the plantings is very evident, and the gardens have been well maintained.

The growth rate of the Nikau palms and other native trees, especially Puriri, has been exceptionally good, given the poor soil and exposed coastal location.

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