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Golden Bay, 2009

In beautiful Golden Bay, adjacent to Pohara beach, this small bach became `home’ for a couple who wanted a productive garden area, and seating to enjoy the view. I designed a large deck, with one half of the deck containing 8 potager gardens, and the other half for seating.

I then designed the shade structure, and pergola structures for the gardens. The potager gardens have 2 `pergola’ frames over them, on which climbing plants can grow. They also provide a visual balance to the large permanent shade structure over the dining table. Natural woven willow panels have been made that fit between the pergola framework, and give shelter to the plants, as well as something for climbers to grow on. Steps that are the width of the main deck, access the large lawn area.

One of the important considerations in this commission, was that the new decking and structures complement the existing home, and that they be of appropriate proportions. It’s crucial that landscaping and buildings complement each other, and that they look as though they’ve always been there, and are meant to be there. Here I feel we’ve succeeded, and the owners see a constant stream of people taking photos of their home, throughout the year! This project was undertaken in 2009.

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