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Nelson, 2014

The area surrounding this beautiful swimming pool, needed replanting and some old timber retaining replaced. A raised garden to grow vegetables and soft fruits, was also requested by the owners.

The home was a beautiful old villa, and we wanted the garden to complement the graciousness of the home.

Two quite different lengths of stone walling were constructed. One is a `serpentine’ wall, gently curving to fit the garden and pool areas. It doubles as a retaining wall, and beautifully displays the lush ferns and planting behind. The other wall is straight, and a `raised garden’ area was created behind it. We capped this wall with Waitaha Schist slabs, so that it could also be used for seating.

Small areas of fine lawn were created to soften the hard surfaces of the pool surround and the walling, and they’ve proved perfect places to relax on after a swim.

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